Emily R.- Ragnar Relay Race

I had a glorious weekend in February 2019 in which my team of three women and three men finished second in our division out of 9 teams and 17th out of 350 teams in the Ragnar Relay. The total race consisted of 60 miles along South Florida’s east coast from Pompano Beach to Key Biscayne. We had access to the Gentle Jogger® motorized wellness device that was electrically powered by the cigarette (bite my tongue!) lighter receptacle in the van which transported us to each road marker. Each team member ran-rest ran periods for a segment of the relay. During recovery after each run segment, we sat on a chair in the van with our feet passively moving on motorized pedals of the Gentle Jogger. Each runner ran two legs of the relay averaging a total of 10 miles with a rest period of roughly 2-3 hours between runs.

All of us had run 1 to 5 competitive half marathons but we were charting new territory with two medium-distance competitive runs in one day. Using the Gentle Jogger between runs held our muscle soreness to a minimum. Our legs felt fresh in preparation for the second run and we felt that we ran as fast as the first run. We were told that the Gentle Jogger technology minimizes or eliminates delayed onset of muscle soreness (DOMS) after exercise which was confirmed over the next few days.

Emily R.

Taffy G. Testimonial

The Gentle Jogger has to be the greatest little machine ever invented! I get all my desired exercise, on a daily basis, with no sweat and no needed time out from my work! I turn it on as I’m working at my computer and—paying little or no attention to it and certainly exerting no effort—I do 20,000 steps in complete comfort. (According to Google, this is the equivalent of running over 7 miles!)

What is most amazing is my increased energy and fitness (especially noticeable when walking up a hill) and the fact that all my clothes are suddenly looser!

The more I describe it, the more of my friends want one!

Taffy G.

Greg B. Testimonial

For my mother’s 77th birthday we met in New York City to see the sights. Over the course of three days we walked (according to our Health apps) almost 20 miles and climbed 50 flights of stairs. I’m 51, my wife is 46, and our sons are 15 and 13. My mom kept up with (or bettered!) all of us every step of the way. We were pretty amazed. When I asked her how she did it, she credited the Gentle Jogger, which she has been using every day.

Greg B.

Sam T. Testimonial

I began using the Gentle Jogger about 5 weeks ago on the advice of one of my physicians who felt the neuropathy in my hands and feet might benefit from the additional nitric oxide release. To my astonishment, relief to the fascia of my feet and spasms in my hands came immediately in the first days of use. As I continue to use the Jogger daily I have been pleased to experience numerous ancillary benefits:

  • The muscle tension in my hamstrings, lower back, shoulder and neck muscles has released
  • Tinnitus (constant ringing in ear) that I have suffered from for years in high and low frequency ranges has substantially improved in the high range and is altogether gone in the lower ranges.
  • My balance, which suffers as a result of vestibular issues in my inner ear, is also much better.

As a result of these changes, I have been able to eliminate my daytime dose of Lyrica and am considering removing my nighttime dose as well.

Finally, my blood sugar levels have been lower and much more stable and for the first time I’ve spoken with my doctor about lowering my insulin to compensate for the improvements.

Thank you Gentle Jogger,

Sam T.

Susan B. Testimonial

Seven Weeks of Not Sitting Still

I have been using the new Gentle Jogger for the past seven weeks for being 70 years old with debilitating arthritis that does not allow me exercise without pain. Often times after being on my feet for several hours in the normal course of the day, the pain continues even after sitting down.

With reconstructed feet, hip & knee replacements/hands operated many times/back surgery (but no other medical problems) I have found this apparatus a very pleasant, even relaxing, alternative. I do 10,000 — 15,000 steps per day. I have even fallen asleep while gently jogging! In the past three weeks, pain with every step is now, I perceive, to be about one-third less than usual. It is most noticeable right after the thirty minute sessions: three per day. Whatever it may be doing — it is helping me with pain.

Susan B.

Sit or lie down and still reap the health benefits.
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