US Patents:

9,622,933 – April 18, 2017
Passive Simulated Jogging Device

Prevention and Treatment of Sepsis Using A Passive Simulated Exercise Device


Sackner Wellness Foreign Patents:
Passive Simulated Jogging Device

Australia: 2,014,275 Date 2018
Canada: 2.914,868  Date 2018

Korea: 10-1938451 Date 2019

China: allowed

New Zealand: allowed

Hong Kong: allowed
Israel: allowed
South Africa: allowed

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Sackner Wellness Products LLC flagship product, the Gentle Jogger™ is a non-invasive, low-risk, wellness product not regulated by FDA (July 2016) and is not a medical treatment for any disease; Sackner Wellness Products does not represent that the Gentle Jogger is a cure for any disease.