Increased Physical Activity

Physical activity is any movement produced by contraction of skeletal muscles that increases energy expenditure. It is operational in seated, lying down & reverse Trendelenburg postures. 

Track Your Progress

The Gentle Jogger® is blue tooth enabled so you can control the device remotely from your mobile device. Track your steps, time and steps-per-minute over a period of time and move towards better health! Start now with our app.

Tap Those Feet

The Gentle Jogger® has a patented “tapping” mechanism that repetitively taps the foot pedals against a semi-rigid bumper to replicate physical activity such as walking, jogging or running.  This “tapping” releases beneficial substances into your bloodstream.

Take It With You

The Gentle Jogger® is created with constant mobility in mind. Whether you are sitting in a chair or lying in bed, there is no longer an excuse to not get those legs moving. Conveniently designed with a carrying handle and weighing in at only 10 lbs, take the Gentle Jogger ® with you anywhere and everywhere and make it part of your daily routine. Don’t sit Still!

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