Is Economy Class Health Economical?

Economy class is the lowest passenger travel class of seating in air travel, rail travel, and sometimes ferry or maritime travel. Rows of increasingly close together, narrow seats with restricted leg room produce immobility that hampers rising from seats to “stretch”. This poses a risk for blood clots in the legs and their travel to the lungs requiring anticoagulant drugs, often hospitalization and sometimes fatality, obviously not an economical benefit to health.

Watch Video On Link Below:

Gentle Jogger® Operating on Moving Train Video

Prevention Sackner Wellness Products with a tag line of Movement is Everything® is in process of fabricating a low cost, Air Travel model of its flagship, Gentle Jogger® product, called Gentle Jogger AT® that fits underneath the seat in front of the passenger’s seat. Powered by an electrical outlet in the seat or by battery, it effortlessly produces mobility as seen in the video.

Sit or lie down and still reap the health benefits.
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Sackner Wellness Products LLC flagship product, the Gentle Jogger™ is a non-invasive, low-risk, wellness product not regulated by FDA (July 2016) and is not a medical treatment for any disease; Sackner Wellness Products does not represent that the Gentle Jogger is a cure for any disease.